Price and Value of Art – Do you know difference?

Therefore when it comes to Art, Price and Value, are the most significant questions. They are the artists, who command you to question what you have, and meaning of its existence. If you agree with them, you move on to things you might value, if not you must have understood the value of what you have. Either way, it is a value proposition.

Why art is important.

Art is everywhere. May it be your car, your clothes or even way of thinking. You might know how to price a thing without art, but you will never be able to value something without it. Art affects every aspect of your life. A world without art would be utterly ugly. Even if it is a mess right now, it is a decorated one; thanks to artists in the society.

The world is seeing new economics emerging. And giving new demographics purchasing power. But often new millionaires and billionaires are in the race to acquire new artworks to there art collection. Why would the rich want to collect art? May it be a David Hockney – Bigger Book of art prints, or Up to such extent that it is a piece of news on wall street. Millions of dollar worth artworks.

The following article is an attempt to investigate “Why Artists are important and integral part of Society”. An insight into what is Value and Price too.

Artists are futuristic, their art says so.

They mostly have an unbiased opinion about anything they encounter. They think beyond religion, caste and gender. This is the reason why you will feel most artists have sexuality crisis of some kind. But it is not the case; they have an open heart for everybody. Unbiased. They are beyond mainstream self-bonding, and belief systems imposed on the mind.Which makes them more accessible towards progression.

Following an artist, writer or film director might influence the mindset of patronage too. The very nature of an artist is fearless. A real artist will never fail to inspire others to be wild and free. Appreciation to art will undoubtedly give you the power to dive into unknown and explore new avenues of your personality. There is undoubtedly more to what you think you are, Or what others think what you are. Your image and character is just the tip of an iceberg. A faucet.

Art can help you to swim in too deep. Otherwise, you will just be keeping on floating on the surface and testing shallow waters. A hollow personality.

Value is something derived from your personal understanding of the subject. That’s why there are two kinds of people, one who fail to understand why Picasso or M. F. Hussain is expensive. And a different breed that buys costly artist for the collections. A slighter intellectual in that sense.

Artist is The Exhibitionist of their art.

At every walk of life, you have to exhibit. Just like a salesman. It begins with your birth. The amazing art of selling. Selling yourself for a piece of cake. For grades and jobs and whatnot. I mean it is not just some product that you sell. It is you as a product that you sell. Sounds cheap although.

But an artist has the art of selling, without making it sound gross if you like. But more you sell the more you get far away from the conversation. So what art and artist contribute to this area of life? Telling is new selling. First of all, they master the art of asking like Amanda Palmer.

You always tend to buy things your friends suggest to you. The recommended purchase. This is what art is good for. They don’t tend to promote to people. And grab attention. No doubt they like to shock people, and they can go to any extent to do so. They might even successfully devastate you beliefs and conceptions about anything. Of religion for instance. There are born “inbound” marketers, as they say in fancy corporate language.

So what?

If you believe that wearing a suit or a gown is enough to getting attention from your circle. To sell yourself. See what Lady Gaga did with her meat dress, It was more than an attention-grabbing dress. One night spent wearing the dress, and she promoted her self to millions. Now you would probably be thinking “such stunts are not my forte”. But you can at least feel of wearing clothes that you have never tried before. Or next time you might choose a different colour tie. It is not a significant change, but a quick move.

Art improves Quality of Life.

Stalin once stated that “If you want to know about a country, go and listen what music they listen to”. He was right and applies to every form of art. Art is a mirror of society. And the artist is one who holds the mirror.

The public arts, statues represent the quality of life, of the people of the region. If statues installed all over the city have amazing quality. At least when it comes to anatomy, proportion and aesthetics.It gives an impression that people living in the town have an eye for beauty. They know at least something about aesthetics. Whereas if a city do have a statue but disproportionate. It reflects the mentality and taste of officials, authorities and people.

If the city doesn’t have any, it must be a city of people who know how to eat and shit. Therefore Men from these cities must have never kissed their wives (Mat be this is a bit exaggerated but you get the point I hope). They just must have missed the very beauty of being alive in the form of human.

Price and Value of an Art piece :

Having able to buy Gold is not a big deal.You have to pay the price for that metal. You will need an artist to shape its beauty.  To add value. Otherwise is just a hideous looking piece of metal. That too if you don’t bare the perspective of an artist. You need to see this world through an Artist’s Eyes: Learning to Live Creatively.

It being impossed is not a good idea. That would be a dictatorship. Violence does have an absolute beauty and required. But not in this form.

Art and artist have the power to become the voice of society.


Artist has sensitive mind and ruthless way of expressing. They might not invest their emotions in an event or happen. Because they know, it might break there spine. But they are undoubtedly responsive to it. They are a mirror to the society. Entirely conditioned to face rejections and injustice, and Chanel it into there work, as stated by James Nachtwey in the documentary – War Photographer. They understand that reacting to chaos will add more mess to it. So insert they report it. Which they know is the best way to initiate change. Pulitzer award winner Kevin Carter was accused of not helping the Child he photographed. Hence vulture was waiting for him to die. But at the back of his mind, he knew saving one child will not Surve humanity. But the image he recorded shock the world. It better impacted he achieved. He wouldn’t have done it if he had sold to emotional callings.

Artist shape society. They are capable of Violence that can destruct and make space for new. They know that end is beginning of something new.

Madonna of an instance :

Remember Madonna secret project revolution? Madonna’s Revolution flooded the streets with emotion. Madonna’s #secretprojectrevolution is not secret although, reveals the Artist thought on equality and freedom, without any judgment. She boldly speaks about economic imbalances related to intolerance, on many grounds.


It all started for rejected lingerie, collection. Therefore it was stated inappropriate, and unacceptable. The collection has been featured in the film along with the crew who was set to dance for the lingerie campaign shoot. They have also been successful in pulling over the darkness of this matter, which has physical and mental aspects.

Madonna has gone far away with this stand to spread her voice, to be the voice of muted trapped by society. She must have paid the price for showcasing the value of her thoughts. And has drawn inspiration/urge for this film from many of her experiences. While touring around the world. Clearly,  she was moved sentimentally with the facts she collected of: inequality, on the basis of race, sex and gender preferences.

Some more on her say :

How being so close to each other has changed the way we use to look at each other. We stray our eye more ferociously towards the stranger, as everything we have, considered private, the public is so fragile every movement. There is a thin line between hackers and corporates. One where a mask of hypocrisy and other are naked. We are more prone to get hurt now. And this fear leads to Anger for each other.

Influence and Inspiration :

Homosexuals are slaughtered, and people are treated inhumanly for their religions. And not many artists take their fame as a responsibility to stand for revolution, a fight, an outbreak of violence to distort and abstract things to simple frame. This simplicity is not straightforward to grant on higher controlling levels because it is too real to believe and understand. And this war and this separation is the key to rule for rulers. Hence you can’t rule the souls of people; you can’t control emotions of individuals and masses. It may face a resist and turn into conflict.

Narrative of the film : 

In a way, this film has two spaces. One portrays intense ballade of victims. Seems like it was in Nazi Germany, Entertainer survived for entertaining, and dead souls judged their art. Especially relevant, another space portrays a side of a protagonist who is bound to be misunderstood. Besides, Madonna speaks about the project very proudly sitting in director’s chair.

She encourages artist from all over the world to speak for the cause and submit their stories and join the revolution

Finally, I would have to require the phrase by Godard where this film starts “All you need for a movie is a gun and a girl”, yes we have a gun in this film and “Girl Gone Wild”. ACCEPT RESPECT AND EXPRESS OURSELF.


They know how to reuse art and inspire each other.


Artists are open to knowledge and tend to inspire and enlighten each other. Remember how Lady Gaga drew inspiration from Salvador Dali? The Lady was gaga over Dali. Probably much battered around pop but Lady Gaga also deviated towards surrealism occasionally, towards Salvador Dali to be more precise. But it is not a kid play to imitate or flaunt Dalian inspiration.

We seem to take everything granted for weird, what we don’t understand. Because to play as a spectator, who cannot get involved in the play (sadly).



The irony, Art is thought to increase your price, not value.

The most significant irony is that Everybody misses this points. I am not saying that paying high money price for art is not appropriate. But does the buyer has any other goals than just monetary one? Moreover, does his understands the art, or values it?

Art is not mandatory for survival. But yes it adds value to your quality of life. Or affects your image in the society. People with good taste in art, books, music are people most appreciated. Who would not like to sit next to a person for a drink, who knows the true efforts of Van Gogh? Or what really Rothko wanted to convey.

Since, if you remember how Woody Allen directed character of Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine? While she tries to find her way out by getting the company of the rich man with her sense and eye for aesthetics.

After words.

Art is shorthand emotion. It has the power to say things uniquely and efficiently. There are many things that are not easy to efficiently convey, without a specific medium of art.

Look at this for example  :   ((̲̅ ̲̅(̲̅PāsTēL( ̲̅̅(( >

Look at this piece by Dali. Certainly, it portrays miscommunication and slow interactions, loud and clear.


Or this collaborative effort by Disney and Dali is the unique way of portraying a man trap in the circle of birth and death, beard and butter until he listens to the call of his love, Passion. Most noteworthy he finds his Destino. This was done at the price of 20 plus years. Time is money they say.


Or this unique way of recreating poems by blacking out unwanted and revealing whats valid in Newspaper Blackout by Austin Kleon.


Take this away

So basically society needs artist more than another way around. Because artist survives and thrives on his urge to create. Van Gogh wouldn’t have 32 painting in a day. And that too empty stomach. Therefore he was mad, not stupid. And it is indeed better to be mad that stupid. His very nature is expressionistic and exhibitionist. Some way or other he must find a way to express. But on the other hand, society will lack the quality of life and sense of aesthetics; if the artist is not around to decorate there mess. Hence the price of an art is just a number determined by demand and supply. Whereas value is something derived from the knowledge about art. A person might pay price for the artwork, but not necessarily value it.

A very elegant lady from Royal family said to me while introducing myself to her as an artist. “You should nurture your art because not everyone is born with it.”

Feel free to contact me or comment below with your thoughts. They make me more than happy and well appreciated. Find what this blog is all about here.


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