Bee social or not to Bee – Artist inspired social structure.

Be like a bee. Shocking! Honey Bee have so much to do with art and social structure. Ultimate for the humanity. They are the artist, and you will know why at the end of this post.

There was beehive on a tree in my garden. They had this society hanging up on my head like a piece of art. Well designed, reliable, disciplined. It taught me a lot.

Earth would have been a better place to live. However, I am not complaining about what we have. Because change is the only permanent thing. Although, this fact might also be actual for humans. That, we are putting a similar amount of effort for the future of humanity. Therefore taking insights from Bee philosophy would not hurt.

Bee has a social society.


What is it to be like a bee. Amazingly bees have a social sense of responsibility. They know there place in society. Hence they exactly know what each one they are doing. You will not find any member of the organisation, trying to fit in the role of others. Hence no one feels week.

In short, bees know their strengths. They have a better understanding of themselves. How does it help keep healthy environment? And what it is about our society that is dis-functional? Broken, and needs to be mended. You will never find a worker bee working as a soldier. In particular, you will not find an individual giving exam for engineering, who wants to be someone else.

Point often overlooked in our society is that we forget that we made the system. We are not made for the system. The system is built to work for us. Hence every other individual tries to fit in someone else shoes. We should respect everybody’s individuality. Everybody is unique individual as my acting teacher used to say.

Everybody has a vital role in society. And we should respect everybody’s job. Especially in India. Our surrounding would be utterly dirty if nobody is there to clean it. Hence a cleaning ladies job is as outstanding as CEO of the company. Cleaning staff is the one who keeps the premises presentable. You won’t close a “deal” inviting your client to garbage house.

Someone’s choice of work shouldn’t be considered for his/her weakness. You save time because somebody chose to do that work.

To be an artist is natural.


Consequently, due to this very nature of bees, What they create is fantastic. Everybody seems to be working towards the same goal. A perfect place for there society. Being the architect or builder, they know what security department of the community needs.

Accordingly, they not only build which is beautiful. But Bees construct a place which is robust and secure. They don’t add there additional personal choices to it. It might make the hive attractive. More decorative. But fragile at the same time. A real sense of minimalism. And Beehives are excellent designs.

The chambers, exterior everything is so well though. Particularly without having any blueprint. It is natural to them. As everybody in the bee social structure does a job, they are naturally inclined to there like. The decision of fixing what needs attention comes instinctively. Nobody forces them to do the job.

Isn’t it the real art of living. Imagine a soldier bee trying to interfere with the construction of the hive. It will not only disrupt the establishment of the physical (hive) but also of the society. Imagine a doctor who always wanted to a writer, is doing your open heart surgery.

There is an interconnection between the visual representation of the society and collective consciousness. What I think, this artistic approach is the very reason why Europe is most beautiful continent. Artists were allowed to do what they are good at doing. And lawmakers did what they are good at, making laws for discipline. They respected each other’s individuality.

The purpose is survival of the species.


In essence, Bee has the sole purpose of this disciplined struggle is for future of the species. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if we would do the same? Raising children in the society, by the community. Like a real learning platform for kids.

To emphasise, we teach our children to be social by bonding them in four walls. Physical and mental both. What they should learn, how they should learn. We decide everything for them. Subsequently, it is not a coincidence that at a sudden too many engineers pass out of college in a year.

How a Child would understand what is missing in the society if we continually burden them with what it is everyone doing. If a friend goes to XYZ field, there also must need of people in other areas.

Moreover our social system, the structure looks ugly. Becuase our society is separated. Divided into so many aspects. Mental partitions. Caste, religion, race etc.

Failure never discourages them.


Due to this very fact, the healthy and working structure. Eventually, destruction of beehives never discourages bees from starting again. They are always ready to start new.

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than the fear of failure. – Albert Einstein

Bees are self-driven. Because what they decide to do is not a forced decision. It is the natural inclination that urges bees to create a fantastic society and its structure.


How to be a social artist? Like a bee.


Everybody is an artist. Eventually, everybody had an Inquiring mind of an artist as a child. But we are deceived by the fact. We are conditioned to do so since childhood. In fact, an artist is not only the person who creates art (Painting, sculptures etc.). Artist is also the person who envisions a well structured, harmonious society. One can find his place his purpose in keeping the harmony.

Everybody needs have this artistic sense. Our surrounding is the reflection of what we are. And you are a reflection of what you think you are. Don’t let you be a reflection of what you are deemed to believe what you are. Be true to yourself. Find your passion. A way to contribute what you are right too. And learn to protect your individuality.

At the end of the day all it needs is some courage, and lack of self-censorship. Be unique, because you are unique. Do your self a favour. Don’t search for another person within. A person who other people want you to be. Instead be the one who society needs. It is you. Altogether, not searching and finding something. It is just discovery of yourself. Self Discovery. Awareness will do the magic. You will always find something is you search for something. Finding yourself is the invention more significant.

The system is made for you. You are not made for the system. Unleash the creativity. Follow your heart.

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