1k Reasons Why Corporate Should Use Music Sponsorship.

Music is the best tool for corporate to reach an audience or prospects. Sponsorship can help the big brand to tell the story of there products effectively. Online media has changed the landscape how we consume music. Although people are not likely to buy music. They always tend to buy products associated with their favourite pop star.

Artists are also selling their own products. Will.i.am – explains that best way to make a living with music is by selling other products. He is genius behind the business idea of Beats by Dre headphones. Hence there are many artists who have there own brands selling like hot cakes. Fenty Beauty Lipstick by Rihanna is another case of such revenue model.

Eventually, Rihanna also collaborated with big corporate brands Like Puma. Her Fenty Puma campaign is a success. Most of all these corporate sponsorships are not only limited to Music and Music Video. As a result of the drastic shift in content consumption to online media channels. BMW has collaborated with world-class directors to make several shorts, featuring the products. This collaborative effort has featured top of the class models of BMW Cars and Trucks.

Reasons why this corporate sponsorship model for music works : 


  • The product will reach the subconscious of the audience through music.

Of course, it will, if presented with song and video or in a creative medium. It has been proven that music improves brain functionality if heard while studying or focusing on something. Especially classical music. Good music can make your mood or connect back to memorable experiences in your life. That is why music is so important to you. It has emotional value.

Hence when your end consumer associates your product with a creative medium like film and music, they will tend to remember it better. Therefore more likely to pick it while shopping for it.

  • It is telling not selling.

An advertisement is also a creative medium. But the audience has seemed to be got immune to it now. It no more surprises or stimulates the attention of the viewer. In fact, they are very annoying. People might form a negative image of the products. More chances are they will not buy the product if they are bombarded with the ads.


Following are some facts to back my statement. As I was discussing the topic with my peers, they suggested I should this to the post.

Although it was clearly stated that, to like the post is useless, most the people liked it, and hardly 6 people visited the link mentioned.


I did an experiment with Facebook ad recently. I wanted people to click on the link, but apparently, they just liked it as everybody is so-called trained to do on FB. No one seems to get out of the facebook feed it seems 🙂

Here is some additional reading as published on think with Google and written by Sanjay Nazerali, which is relevant to this topic stating that “Collaborations result in four times more lift in brand awareness”.

Recently I also received an email from HARO which speaks about 80% of people ignore online ads.


Imagine yourself surfing for your favourite song on YouTube and what you get to see first is some irrelevant ad. It is based on what you were searching on google an hour ago.

As a company, you cloud engage your brand with a band which would get you more results than million dollar television commercial. Who knows, if your promotional project with a musician would be next Billion views song, and touch your prospect emotionally. So why not an artist endorse your product next time?

  • Collaboration is not product placement.

Sponsorship is different than product placement. The later one is just another form of advertisement. Actually, it would be a very rare case if fans are going to notice the product placed in the video. They come to see the video song. Not the product.

Instead, if you collaborate with the artist. You reach the core fanbase of the musician. The people who want to know what the artist is up to. Eventually, they also follow the public figure on social media. Hence your product finds the reach beyond the platform the creator has gained its fame from.

In one line, you might find it hard to remember in which video exactly iisuperwomanii mentioned some slipper brand in a vlog. But if you follow her, you might not have missed the fact that she launched Smashbox bawse lipstick. It is the power of collaboration. The creator puts in efforts to create the product with big brands and corporations. It is something they are proud of and they convey a positive message to the audience. Consumers.

  • Corporate Sponsorship can save big on advertising.

It is clear. Most the impressions you might get on the advert, might not convert. Given the fact that nobody likes to be sold. Telling is the new Selling. Hence, sponsorship and collaboration is the most effective way to save the money on irrelevant impressions.

Promoting a product with music will help people identify, remember and understand your brand. Unilever, Burberry and Coke (coke studio) are good examples of companies who are giving musician there chance to reach their audience and strengthening their brand value.

On top of that, you will also get a free press from the publications and news channel that cover the artist you collaborate with. So your Social Media + Artist Social Media + Buzz in the Media. It is a win-win situation for everybody. We wouldn’t have been discussing it on this blog if it wasn’t true.

  • New Creative  Possibilities.

Sponsorship and collaborations would create new possibilities. It brings a new perspective to the table in terms of design and branding. It might be something that the company would have never thought of adding to there portfolio.

A good example of this is Toni Mahfud’s collaboration with Pepe Jeans. Not only he re-designed a jacket, the process of doing it was also filmed and shared on youtube. It gave a personal window for his audience to connect with PePe.

It added value to the brand. Most noteworthy is good to have more inputs in making a unique Product. A product that can stand out. With persona of the artist.


Want to read more interesting things about Music Corporate and Sponsorship? Keep on reading: Here is why the Art matters.


This part of the article contains some interesting facts about the industry. Eventually, these are well-researched facts not old than a year or so. Most of all it will definitely add to your knowledge. Although Information is not knowledge until you make use of it.

As we say this is an era of the internet. Music listening habits have shifted online, since last few years. Remember the days we use to download music and keep in our CD, USB or phone. Well, some people still it does but mostly in areas where they don’t have good internet connectivity.

I have seen pirates around, who never ever downloaded a song in 2015, so-called illegally unless they want to keep it as ringtone on their smartphone. It clearly marks that the way people consume music has changed and still changing and will keep changing. Let us see how it has changed the allegory of the music industry.

The music industry has seen up and downs and shaping reshaping since it became an industry. Since corporate took over. But since the power of publishing and promoting moved in hands of music creators or producers or musicians with the self-distribution model via let us say CDBaby, consumers are getting to chose whats best for them, and this allowed new talent discoveries.

But can we say that non-linear media or new media A.K.A online media can sole pull off the reach for an artist? Yes, it can, but linear media like TV Radio are still a prominent part of the game, and musicians should make it part of their promotion plan. As everything is interconnected and complimenting each other rather than dominating.

For example, Tv adds about an App could increase in downloads, and a project started as web series could get prime time on TV.

This is how the industry has changed in last few years. This is major change after Cassettes era.

CD sells are declined 11% to just 125.6 million units last year from 2014, and 82% percent from its peak in 2001. Album downloads last year dropped 3% to 103.3 million and download of individual songs fell by 12.5% to 964.8 million.

But on contradictory to that streaming activity nearly doubled in 2015. On-demand, audio video streams were up by 93% to 317.2 million songs played.

But is this applicable to each and every artist in the world? No here are some facts about English Beauty Adele.


Fact that odds the fact: ADELE

Cd sells are dropping rapidly, Adele’s 25 sold 7.44 million copies making it most popular album of the year 2015. 

  1. 25 was her first album in 5 years. People were eagerly waiting for her come back.
  2. She promoted the album from a TV shows and made it available for pre-sale before release.
  3. It was on sale for only 6 weeks and 1 out of every 32 albums sold in entire 2015 was “25”.
  4. It sold a copy every 3 seconds on Amazon.
  5. “HELLO” reaches 900 million views on Youtube in two months and rapidly has more than 1 billion views right now.


Although way trends of consuming has changed, volume in which music is consumed has dramatically increased. That is what we are going to see why music is important to audiences, companies and musicians.

“Bright spot for the industry continues to be sales of vinyl records. They increased 30% last year to 11.9 million.”



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