I was Hacked : But I Love Hackers

Hackers are Radicals, no doubt. Artists do have to do very less with this article. But you will find a role of the artists in the very inception of the hackers. Indeed, the artists and the art produced but big corporations(in most cases). Hackers attacked my hosting server. I was unaware of such things. Suddenly we might get panic looking at such encumbrance, as a matter of fact, it has some technical aspect to it. I lost the blog forever. But this event made me curious about hackers and their Radical ways. But the breed fascinated me.

How about you visit your blog, and all you see is a message left for you saying you are hacked. It happened to me once. I visited my website one day and found that my WordPress site hosted on Hostgator was hacked. Everything was gone, and the hackers left a message with creepy background sound? They are called wolf hackers.

I was shocked. And this the point where I realised that it had more or less same value when it comes to communicating something. An effective way of broadcasting information. Like a stunt, or doing something irrational. This article is not a comparison between Artists and Hacker. I am writing it because there are some aspects of hackers that might fascinate artists as it did me. 

Hackers are Radicals - Syria

Hackers forced me to share their message like radicals.


By this I mean is that they played with the human psychology.  First of all, it created an urgency like some is indeed dying. Although nobody was dying.

I quickly posted the screenshot shown above to my FB friends. Many of my friends were surprised hearing the new. My father was terrified too and commented to enquire in to matter if it is serious.

This is the same question I was asking myself. Is it serious? Why did they do that? Are they cruel? Terrorists? Criminals?

And I dived into google and youtube to find more and more about hackers. Subsequently what I found was astonishing. As a result, I fell in love with the breed. They have added a lot to my knowledge about internet business and personal development.Therefore Talks by Keren Elazari and Misha Glenny on TED came out to be the important resource to understand the allegory of the hacking premise.

“It’s not the information that wants to be free. It’s us! “-Keren Elazari

Artists and Hackers:


Apart from the fact that most of the Hackers, came into existence due to the artists. Yes, you read it right! In this case, it is the digital art of making Video Games.Although I don’t consider all artists to be radicals, certainly they influence radical thinking. Mostly artists and art guarded by corporate or bureaucracy, if you like. At the teenage, most of the hackers learned to hack, so that they can play games online. Hence they become the game Hacker. Following are the are the components that I found to be useful for anyone to learn from them. Or maybe it is just a piece of information that tamed curiosity about this group of Radicals.


4 key things that fascinated me about Hackers and the thinking of the Radicals.


Hackers are intelligent, not angry radicals :


Mine was not the only blog that got hacked that day. There were many hosted with the same hosting provider. In fact, there is nothing on the internet that is not hacked. Even the internet companies that provide anti-hacking securities to the government are compromised. Hence the big corporation databases are also not far from the reach of Hackers. There are only two possibilities, You are been hacked, or you don’t know it. These bunch of people win against hundreds of programmers. They are omnipresent. It does not need any further proof to state there intelligence. They smartly find the loopholes in the data system, in foot forward to close the loopholes in society.


Forge Disclosure: Hackers the immune system.


Content distribution is the dominant purpose of Hacking. Yes, you might be thinking I am advocating to hack Facebook or any social media to distribute your content. No need of that. They have already hacked us in many ways. But that is not the point. The point is their way of distribution is unique in its way. It socks!!! And grab your immediate attention. Probably, that is what they need attention. I would have never paid attention to what they have to say if they would have mailed me.

How they distribute content as artists do, that gets attention.

But Scriptkiddies, a hacking group hacked into twitter account of Fox news and tweeted about then President Obama been assassinated in the white house. Or Samy Kamkar hacked into MySpace servers to auto add a follower to his account. MySpace had to shut down the website to fix the problem.Samy created a fastest speeding virus of all time. What purpose does this solve?  Karen Elazani stated in her Ted talk that hackers operate as the immune system to the society. They find an error in the system and urge big corporations to fix them. Making their product better. This the very basis of development, identify and rectify.

If there are no problems in the system, there will be solutions. Everything will be so static and what we call a tech revolution will lose its speed.They gave me a sense that what I had online is too fragile, and I need to do something about it. I learned a lot about security and backing up a website back then. They care to shape the society we live in. The message given on my blog was necessary to reach to people. Syrian issues Refugees are trying to find shelter still has its ripples all over the world. It’s impossible to get Aylan Kurdi’s images out of mind.


The purpose is freedom : 


These Radicals have a very complicated relationship with government, media and public. Companies and Governments have thanked them many times. For finding a problem in their products. But never paid them hackers for there work. As they have a so-called illegal way of seeing the problem. Anyways mostly they don’t do it for money. Hackers hack because they stand for something that is important and needs attention. Yet, their way of doing things might not be conventional, but their purpose is. We leave a world of constantly monitorization.

The government has there eye to market the votes, and Corporate have their eyes on them so that the can market us their products efficiently. It is although fair at a certain point; they are doing their jobs. But Time comes when they try to control things, and Ideologically driven hackers come to the rescue. For instance in Egyptian government once blocked all over Egypt to restrict information going out of the country. Telecomix groups helped to bypass the censorship, and further they also installed 300 dial-up modems so that people could use the internet. They believe in freedom of Information.


Good Hackers and Bad Hackers: 


There is nothing good or bad! It’s just how we look at it. Well, in this case, not every hacker get’s a chance to build million dollar company like Samy, or win an election. In fact, research has shown that most the hackers started hacking because they wanted to hack some game server. It explains itself that most of this hackers were genius Kids. Consequently hacked out of curiosity. In an attempt to access what they Like. Yes, it is an attempt to possess something of immense value for them, and couldn’t pay the price.

These successful hacking attempt landed them in jails, custodians. Thanks to people who forget to thank them. Another instance is exposure to the system that acts against there innocent crimes put them in the company of people that are into dark things. It is like fire meeting kerosene situation. A kid at a young age who is “angry for nothing” get a purpose to be angry about something, THE SYSTEM. Much as bad people take advantages of them to employee online, credit card frauds.Seems like Misha Glenny conveys that most of the hacker he has met said that they would like to good purpose if given a chance. Although wondered they might be a good help for content distribution.


Organised and still unanimous : 


Be the hacker a robin hood who keep good intentions that are bad in the eyes of the social system or a villain hacker who hacks for personal gain. There is one thing that strikes as it occurs. These guys have a vast network. Well-organised and well-managed. Especially relevant, they influence media in masses and still, we don’t know who they are. It is like Rihanna releasing a song, and we don’t know who Rihanna is. Management and big guys have a lot to learn from this.

Hence insecurity about hacker crosses your mind. If someone really wants to hack you. They already have. You just don’t know the purpose. I past if your site wall hacked, and you know it, like me. I would appreciate if you could share your experience an thought beneath. In the comment box.

Afterwords: Hackers to Radicals.


Certainly, Hackers are Radicals. Amazingly stunned. There was a collision of my thoughts with the Radicals now. It has nothing to do with thinking, or even of having a projected self-image of Radicals. Consequently, it has much to do much with self-censorship. I am continuing to read about it in Radicals by Jamie Bartlett. London Real introduced to Jamie Bartlett and his writings and his observation.

I also found a French artist who evokes radical thinking. He has influenced many other artists too. This can be content distribution method if you like, OR just way of exhibiting similar to Hackers.

Feel free to contact me or comment below with your thoughts.It makes me more than happy to read and respond to them. It will be well appreciated. Find what this blog is all about here.


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