Perfect Life goal will ruin you as an artist.Be more joyous!

What is Perfect Life? A fantasy!

Perfection is fantasy.

You can’t define what perfection is. Mostly it is a concept. A fantasy based on your thinking and assumption. Conditioning. Some people might find fulfilment in saving a marriage at the cost of mental health. While some might find it perfect to get divorced. No judging. But the allegory of perfection OR being a perfect being varied person to person.

So what is it that you will lose if you aim to be perfect?


The desire for perfection will cost you motivation.


I have an example to share. When I started this blog, I was determined to write every piece of content to be perfect. Cornerstone. Although I have achieved it so far, to maintain quality over quantity. I hit a block before writing this article. And the reverse mechanism made me write about the subject which is a hindrance.

Now what I did instead is just, put out the aim to be perfect. And just enjoy the journey. And look what happened I wrote this post. It was there. Hiding behind the wall of perfection. I just need to watch the wall to go away.

Why did I need the reverse mechanism for motivation? What is the reason for the creative block? It is the desire to be perfect. And getting rid of the idea made me free.

One might feel so much pressure to be perfect that he/she might never do anything. Wait for perfect, ideal moment. Furthermore would spend a lifetime in learning, just so that they can make something perfect.


Perfect mentality will hinder creative flow.


Imagine you are about to start a painting. And you decide to make it perfect. The moment thought of perfection peeps in, and the creative flow is gone. You will apply your assumptions of perfection on an image, work which not even exist yet.

You will miss the fun of creating something. The journey, which is more beautiful than the destination. The only reason you will lose the Joy is complying with your ideas about perfection learnt in the past to something which is uncertain. The future.  Be courageous! Going wrong is okay. It teaches new things. You might find a new paradise, just because you took the new path. The path which you never thought of taking before. Making a mistake is okay. In fact not making a mistake is the most significant mistake. You keep yourself from learning new things not making mistake.

Instead, why not let the time, action decide? Set yourself free from the calculations. Nothing is perfect. Even if you use the scale to major its perfection. Scale (ruler) is not perfect at all. All rulers are different in there make. And they all display an idea of the measurement.

The pointless act of Perfect life.


You will weigh different on every weigh machine. It is same with the audience. Every audience will measure your art according to there own understanding and conditioning.

As we have seen the example of the ruler. Some of us might debate that I can see it is perfect. But the reality is not always what we see. Let’s explore this further. Let’s say even if all the ruler making companies manage to make the same scale, to its paramount accuracy. Hence that not only all there own makes are in same measurements, but all the other companies too.

How will you still measure? From Point A or Point B? which edge of the mark? 

In the same fashion, Even pencil or a pen that you use would deny your definition of perfection.

The more you feed this demon, more it becomes firm. It will make you feel life is worthless. Because you will never enjoy the experience of doing it. The surprises it has to offer. The thrill of uncertainty.

Labelling something to be perfect will destroy its beauty.


In fact when you even say something is beautiful. The beauty gets lost. Master says so.

Imagine yourself standing a burning sun emerging out of the vast sea. You are with your friends. And someone of them says “Isn’t it Perfect?” What happens next is all your genuine feeling about the sunrise gets vanished. All you are left with is, an idea you have conceived of perfection. And you start looking at the dawn from glasses of your conditioning.

The irony is that your friend has some different idea about the sunrise. However now you both start to compete with your ideologies about perfection. And guess what you missed the sunrise. You didn’t enjoy the sunrise. In other words, you were too busy to analyse it.

This is not just the case with sunrise OR a painting as I started this article with. Perhaps, it has to do with every aspect of your life. Your relationship. Inasmuch as with your lover, job, colleagues everybody and everything.

A constant barrier. An unnecessary pressure.

Perfection is boring, in perfect sense.


Correspondingly taking all factors in the sight. A life with perfection would be boring. Mostly because you won’t experiment with it. Wearing same clothes every day. Having the same hairstyle all your life. Same routine. Just out of fear that is would ruin your idea of perfection. Self-censorship, to be perfect.

“Life would be so boring if all the days were same”. – P. L Deshpande.

(I am not a big fan of Deshpande, but what he used to talk about, other than his book, was often interesting.)

Be prepared to fail; Life is unpredictable.


Comparatively, the very idea of perfection is incorporated on the fear of failure.You always strive to be perfect, so that you don’t fail. But tomorrow might have a different story to tell. Maybe the circumstances are out of your control. Circumstance who deny your law of perfection.

But when you set yourself free. It is when you truly believe in yourself. Not trying to prove to anybody else. You fail with a smile on your face. A smile that indicates that you learned something. Instead of just complaining about the failure. You enjoy the things that are perfectly imperfect. There is beauty in it. Beaty that mystery holds.

“Nothing fails greater than success”. – Osho

Live limitless life, beyond Perfect.


Last but not the least. Aiming to be perfect will only get you as far, your idea of perfection is.This idea must have also been conceived looking at someone else’s life. So being perfect, or having a perfect life experience would mean to imitate someone else’s life. Eventually to life walk in someone else’s shoes. Moreover, if you take off this barrier of perfection, you open new possibilities. New doors will open for you to go beyond what you have thought. It is a real miracle. Learn to value it.



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